FREE discovery 1:13 PM

Wow, I am so excited. I made a discovery yesterday. It is called Walgreen's Register Rewards. I kept hearing people talking about it so I decided to check it out. Here is how it works. You make purchases on certain products at Walgreen's. When you purchase the items a Register Rewards slip it printed out. Basically the coupon is like cash for your next purchase! The only catch is the purchase must be equal or more in value than the register reward. The deal for this week is for shaving cream. The cream is on sale for $2.99, and the register rewards is for $3. Basically you are being paid to take the shaving cream. The only unfortunate thing is that the Walgreen's near my house doesn't have the female cream, only the male kind. My husband will use it though. I also found Many items on clearance at the Walgreens. I got a Soleil Razor set for $1.79, originally $7. Good deals at Walgreens. Stay tuned and I will have the new deals for Walgreen's for next week once their new add comes out on Sunday!


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