Totally Free Items 1:18 PM

I know from experience that many "free" items on the internet are not really free. You have to buy something or sign up for something. The items I offer links to are TOTALLY free with no strings attached. I have tried many of the offers and have received the items. It is like Christmas year round!

For a free Precious Princess DVD

This link is for $10 off a Victoria’s secret bra and a free pair of panties!

I really like going to the Walmart website to get free samples. You simply click on “In stores now” and it leads you to their free samples. I have been getting these for months and yes, they do actually send them!

walmart sample of Prilosc

Walmart Sample of Always

Walmart Sample of dog treat

Walmart sample of Huggies Natural

Walmart Sample of Parent’s Choice infant Formula

Walmart Sample of Goodnights

Free Dove Shampoo


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