PDX Rewards 2:02 PM

I got my biggest reward ever. If you live in the Portland area check this out! There is a site called pdxrewards.com
How this works is, you watch FOX 12 programs. Codes will pop up randomly. You take the code and enter it in on your account on the website. This gives you points. Use the points to buy things or enter sweepstakes. You can also get points by purchasing through partners on their site. I went there a few times and entered 2 sweepstakes. 1 was for a plasma TV, the other was for a $500 prepaid mastercard. Guess what I got in the mail yesterday? A $500 prepaid mastercard. Check the site out. It is awesome! Love those guys!


Anonymous said...

congrats, I am still trying to figure out what shows to watch to get the codes.

lbeddow said...

I watch on a fairly regular basis and 3x's I have entered the code a few minutes after it was announced and the code was not accepted. It had expired! IN 2 MINUTES???? Come on, give me a break!

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