U Promise 1:00 PM

I wrote about UPromise before, but I wanted to talk about a site that is connected to Upromise. It is called E-rewards. On this site you can take part in surveys that they offer you. You get credit to your account. You can use this credit to credit your Upromise account which will pay money toward your student loans. I have taken part in several of their surveys and have earned $25.75 so far. I can trade this in for $5 toward my student loans or wait and complete more surveys. When I get $50 in E-rewards credit I can cash it in for $20 toward my student loans. I think I am going to wait. I have only been a member of E-rewards for a few months and have already earned this much. The surveys are not difficult and if you answer a few questions and don’t qualify they still give you some credit for your time. You can also turn a survey down at any time.


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